Framing Options / How to Frame Your Artwork!

It is my goal to make owning original artwork as easy and affordable as possible for you. That is why I offer several framing options. Below I have listed information on the options I offer. I will help you frame your artwork no matter your budget or aesthetic goals. If at any time you have questions, inquiries, or concerns about framing, do not hesitate to contact me


Maple Frames

This is the standard frame I offer, and it is my personal favorite. These frames are neutral, contemporary, and fit in with most decor, modern and traditional. These are high quality frames that I custom cut and assemble in my studio. Because it is done in-house, I am able to include the frame in the price of my larger artworks.

I also just started to offer a $15, 5''x7'' frame for my matted and ready to frame pieces. Purchase yours here. 

New: Custom Frames

If maple isn't your cup of tea, I am excited to announce that I will soon offer a variety of custom framing options to order.  These are special order frames that will be priced per frame. Please let me know if you are interested in a custom frame that is not maple, and I will work with you to find a frame that looks great in your space! 


Matted and Ready to Frame Artwork / How to Find a Frame that Fits

If you purchased an artwork that is listed as "Matted and Ready to Frame", this means it comes in a standard size mat with backing. It should be ready to fit in a standard size frame. For my personal collection, I often look for frames in thrift shops or antique stores. I have also found affordable frames in department stores and even the dollar store! I now offer a $15, 5''x7'' frame for sale in my shop (check it out, here). 

What to look for in a frame: The deeper the frame, the better. I suggest purchasing a frame with a detachable back, that is .25inch deep or deeper. I currently use mat board for the backing of my 5''x7'' artworks, so the artwork should fit in most frames. If your frame is too shallow for the artwork and mats, you may have to modify the frame. This is okay, it just takes a tiny bit of work! 

What to do if your artwork is too thick for your frame: 

Contact me and I will send you a bracket to attach to the back of the frame.  

If you bought a 5''x7'' artwork before February 2018, I used foam core backing for these, which made the artwork too thick for certain 5x7'' frames. Please contact me, and I will send you a bracket that you can attach to any frame to make the artwork fit! I will ship this part to you for free!